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Reserve parachute Space-II from Paraavis is a 7-cell canopy designed for safe landing on a limited area in case of failure of the main parachute.
Sales price: $1,701

Reserve parachute Space-II ensures safe landings from a straight landing path and in parachuting mode. The canopy is characterized by rapid, smooth and painless openings.

Space-II is made of strong lightweight fabric (PN9 by NCV, France) with low air porosity. 1/3 of the upper cover in its front part is made of zero porosity fabric (ZP).

Spase-II package includes:

  • canopy
  • lines of Dyneema 2.5 and 3.5
  • slider
  • connectors.

Using of an original design of air intakes and ribs, as well as the use of PN9 fabric, allows increasing of skydiver's flying weight, and also reduces package volume.

Recommended wingload is1.3.

Assigned resource for Space-II is 30+ applications.