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Reserve parachute "Space" from Paraavis is designed to ensure safe landing in case of a failure of the main parachute.
Sales price: $1,436

"Space" parachutes may be 7-cell with area of 195 or 225 square feet, and 9-cell with area from 250 to 336 square feet. Space 195-225 canopies are intended for student parachute systems and special purpose systems. Space 250 is commonly used in parachute systems for special applications. Space 290-336 canopies are installed into in tandem parachute systems and special purpose systems. Minimal safe altitude for application of Space with area from 290 to 336 sq.ft is 400 meters. In freefall the canopy gets fully inflated in 30 seconds.

Recommended wingload: 1.3 pounds per square foot.