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Reserve Parachutes

Ensuring the safety of skydiving is the main task of the modern parachute equipment. And reserve parachute that opens in case of a failure of the main canopy plays crucial role in the task.

The reserve parachutes are designed to open quickly and smoothly. Their purpose is ensuring safe landings even in the worst situation.

To open the reserve chute one must first cut away the main canopy. This is done by means of cutaway locks (3 rings) that are located on the parachute system.

Because of the special purpose of the reserve it can be packed only by specially trained riggers.

There are quite many reserve parachutes on the market, and experienced professionals of online store are always ready to give you detailed advice and help you choose the key component of your skydiving system.

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Reserve Parachutes


Reserve parachute Smile from Paraavis...

Sales price: $1,325

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Reserve parachute "Space" from Paraavis...

Sales price: $1,436

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Reserve parachute Space-II from...

Sales price: $1,701

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7-cell reserve parachute Zoom is...

Sales price: $1,755

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