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Skydiving Souvenirs

Skydiving souvenirs are special kind of gifts that will please both avid skydivers and those who tried to taste the sky only once or a few times. Quite often souvenirs of the kind are produced by those who not related to skydiving. In such a case they may look just ridiculous for real fans of air sports.

In our specialized store you will find a wide range of souvenirs made by people who understand what they are doing. In other words, by those who jump, fly or are related to the sports by some other way. These souvenirs are distinguished by their authenticity and carefully considered and elaborated details.

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Parachute souvenirs

Big skydiver under canopy

Soft toy depicting a skydiver under...

Sales price: $26

Product details

Newbie skydiver

Soft toy depicting a first time...

Sales price: $17

Product details

Silver Pin

The accessory in the form of a pin that...

Sales price: $22

Product details

Skydiver with rig

Are you a skydiver? Or do you have a...

Sales price: $15

Product details

Skydiver with rig in paws

Big 30-40 cm high toy equipped with a...

Sales price: $34

Product details

Tandem under canopy

This toy will not leave anyone who ever...

Sales price: $28

Product details