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Helmet is a vital part of skydiving equipment necessary to ensure safety of the jumps. Thanks to innovative materials modern skydiving helmets are lightweight and ergonomic, they have required reserves of protection and meet crucial safety requirements.

The design of this item of equipment varies depending on the purpose of the helmet:

  • For solo jumps;
  • For group/formation skydiving (FS);
  • For video shooting.

To choose the best helmet for your skydiving activity you should:

  • Make sure that the helmet meets your safety requirements;
  • Know what kinds of jumps you’re going to perform;
  • Select correct size of your helmet.

Not only your permits to jump, but first of all your personal safety greatly depend on how much you follow the recommendation.

The best way to buy a right parachute helmet is to buy it in a specializing shop where you can get professional service and advice on choosing the product. Internet Shop «R8sport» is the best option to make the purchase in Moscow!




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Cameraman helmet

Helmet for video and photography with...

Sales price: $291

Product details

FF helmet for freefly

FF model was originally developed as a...

Sales price: $198

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Leather helmet

Comfortable leather helmet from the...

Sales price: $120

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Matrix is a high quality full face...

Sales price: $174

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Parachute helmet F5-2

Parachute helmet for Formation...

Sales price: $353

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RW helmet for Skydiving

RW model for Formation Skydiving with...

Sales price: $314

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Soft helmet

Light and comfortable textile helmet...

Sales price: $67

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Soft Helmet

Affordable and comfortable soft helmet...

Sales price: $56

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