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"Irbis" is a line of parachute containers by "Polyot" Ltd. presented in 12 different sizes.
Sales price: $1,569

By its functionality, ergonomics, design and aesthetics "Irbis" is similar to the best world containers. In 2009 it became the winner of the contest "100 best goods of Russia".

Irbis is a new generation of containers that insure operation of reserve parachute by international standards - with compartment locked through the bottom of the container.

The container is equipped with 4-ring harness system. Irbis design implies installation of AAD such as CYPRES or Vigil. The lifetime of a new container is 10 years. Irbis may be used ar temperatures from -40C to + 40C.

Each container is made in size and color scheme of an individual customer. Embroidery is possible on request.