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Gear bag

Gear bag (backpack) allows you to carry all your skydiving equipment. Its main purpose is to transport parachute systems and elements of equipment.

Gear bag should possess the following qualities:

  • Ergonomics. Straps should be enough stiff/soft to allow you to carry the bag without straining your back.
  • Capacity. Gear backpack should accommodate all skydiver’s equipment: parachute system, helmet, glasses, altimeter and other elements.
  • Security. For instance, zippers on the bag should have protection preventing them from ‘eating’ parachute fabric or interfering with other objects stored inside.
  • Reliability. The backpack should be made of strong, waterproof fabric, ensuring its good performance.
  • Convenience. Internal details should help fixing stuff inside the bag.
  • Universality. Internal volume of the bag should be adjustable.

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