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System "Albatross-Ultra" is specially designed for simultaneous group flights of two people from the a of a special boat at the winds from 0 to 8 m/s.
Sales price: $2,372

Advantages of the system Albatross-Ultra:

  • 1. Additional nozzles at the rear of the canopy increase its overall lifting capacity;
  • 2. New, durable Mylar lines increase reliability and simplify the launch of the canopy;
  • 3. New technology tailoring of the canopy reduces its weight and makes it easier to launch from the boat deck.

All towing parachutes Albatross-Ultra have round form with retracted top and stabilizing lateral panels. In the rear part of the canopy there are several valves, and on the sides there are a few slots. All the holes are designed to create lift. The canopy is made of zero air porosity fabric. Parachute lines are connected to the risers that are followed by a bridle. Harness system is connected to the buckles of the risers by carabines. Bridle is tied to the tow rope. The system is equipped with harness systems of a medium size. A passenger sits in the harness like on a swing. Leg and waist straps securely protect the passenger from falling out of the harness. Harness systems of other sizes are available at additional costs.

A complete set of Albatross-Ultra system includes:

  • Parachute with lines
  • Risers with a bridle
  • 2 harness systems
  • 2 safety vests for water attractions
  • Traverse
  • Passport
  • Operating instructions
  • Carrying bag


Albatross-Ultra is an upgraded version of Albatross system with round canopy which is well-known in the entertainment industry.