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JSC "Polyot" Ivanovo is a unique Russian company specializing in manufacturing of skydiving equipment. The company was founded in 1924th, and for the 80 years of its history has gone from a sewing workshop to the modern enterprise. JSC "Polyot" is the only company in Russia providing full-cycle production of parachute systems. The structure of the company includes its own sewing shop, metal shop, design office, textile and chemical laboratory, and a private group of testers.

JSC "Polyot" is certified by Certification Authority of the Institute of Testing and Certification of Weapons and Military Equipment allowing developing, production and utilization of parachute equipment in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV 15.002-2003 and GOST R ISO 9001-2001. JSC "Polyot Technologies" is the first Russian company that joined international Parachute Industry Association (PIA).

From 2009th the Ivanovo Parachute Factory produces towing systems under single trademark Waterflight. The  towing parachutes Waterflight for extreme activities are created according to the best world standarts and the most advanced requirements and technologies. The assortment of Waterflight includes 7 models of towing systems with round canopies with retracted top.

The complete system consists of:

  • Canopy with lines and bridle
  • Harness system
  • Safety vest
  • Tow cable
  • Cable bag
  • Operating guide
  • Carrying bag
  • Passport
  • Manual and technical specifications
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Polyot Technologies


System "Albatross-Ultra" is specially...

Sales price: $2,372

Product details


All towing parachutes Breeze have round...

Sales price: $1,841

Product details


Towing parachute Breeze-Seagull has...

Sales price: $1,916

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System "Mega-72" has a round canopy...

Sales price: $2,744

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System "Mega-90" is created for...

Sales price: $3,441

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