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«» - an online sport parachute Shop, specializing in the sales of professional equipment and rigging.

Equipment for parachuting purchased from us, answer to regulated safety standards. Each item of our equipment is satisfied international standards of materials and components. Professionalism of our team allows you to buy goods in accordance with the feature and characteristic behavior of your jumps. This means that you will get everything for parachuting with the highest quality and optimal cost. Purchase of equipment for skydiving is crucial stage of preparation, the health of the parachutist and his life depends on it. Outfitting for parachuting must ensure the security and accord to goal of the activity. Therefore, the approach to the purchasing of these products is necessary with ensure knowledge about how you want to jump. Of clarity of understanding it that depend the success of the choosing parachute equipment. «» - parachute equipment shop in Moscow, having the opportunity to ensure the safety and quality of your jumps.